10 Creative Clown Balloon Sculptures to Inspire

Clowns are one of the most important characters you’ll see at any circus. If you want to add a clown to your circus party and would like to try to see if you can build a clown sculpture or if you’re looking for a balloon sculpture designer to purchase from, here are 10 Creative Clown Balloon Sculptures to Inspire you!

Rae Raes events used a large foil balloon clown head on top of latex balloon body. The clown’s shirt is cleverly made with white balloons that have rainbow polka dots to give the appearance of a shirt. Solid small balloons are added down the shirt to make them look like buttons – great detail! The arms of the clown are made with long balloons with smaller purple balloons for the hands. The clowns pants are made with red latex balloons and the clowns shoes are made with black balloons.

Balloon Babe also used a Large Foil Clown Head for the sculpture. The clown’s arms are made up of yellow latex balloons which are holding a blue foil number 5 balloon. What a fun way to announce the kid’s birthday age!

Here is a Circus Clown sculpture doing a hand stand by CT Balloon Creations. This clown holds a foil number 3.

Balloon sculptures can also be small. This playful clown by I Heart Balloon Art works as a table decoration to bring joy to your party. With long balloons as stylish red suspenders, this happy clown carefully balances on one leg while holding a flower on one hand.

Balloon Sculptures can also be very large – gigantic, actually. A clown balloon sculpture that also works as a balloon arch with legs outstretched for an outdoor celebration. Guests will enjoy walking under this fun, happy clown!

Here’s a clown balloon sculpture by Balloons Galore Zurich with lots of curls and twists. The body design is interesting as the top half intertwines with the bottom half of the clown’s body.

This amazing Balloon sculpture the size of a room is created by Kirs Balloons. 2 Dancing clowns holding a balloon encircle a columnized Circus tent while a third clown welcomes you at the entrance. Inside, an elephant is seen dancing inside.

Here is one clown with a lot in its tummy – this design by Siempre Presente has a see through center with balloons inside!

This clown balloon sculpture by Fun by the Yard has a large, huggable head. The clowns hat is made with layers of long balloons stacked up high with a flower center.

This clown sculpture has 3 happy clowns tied together in a bouquet – designed by Navaadin.